Item Specifications

Name: Color Change Diaspore

Item Shape: Fancy cut

Clarity: VS

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Item Information

Dimensions (mm) 13.13 x 13.16 x 9.66mm
Weight (carats) 14.2 carats

Diaspore was first discovered in 1801 in Russia. The first discoveries where of a small amount of included material with more deposits found of facet grade material. The name Diaspore comes for the Greek word “diaspora” meaning to scatter. It was called this because of the way the gemstone seemed to scatter the light and sparkle.

Diaspore has a unique color changing ability. It is one fo the few color change gemstones in the world along with Sapphires, garnets and Alexandrite. Diaspore is generally a yellowish green color in fluorescent light and it changes to a reddish pink color in incandescent light. The gem can look like both of these colors at the same time depending what type of light is hitting it.