Natural 8.50 Carat Sunstone


Item Information

Dimensions (mm) 14.47 x 10.66 x 8.24mm
Weight (carats) 8.5 carats
Certified Gemstones
  • Faceted
  • Cushion


Gem collectors and jewelry lovers from all over the world are fast becoming aware of this uniquely American gemstone. While many varieties of labradorite feldspar can display aventurescence or schiller and are commonly called “sunstones,” those effects are typically caused by inclusions of hematite or goethite. In contrast, the labradorite sunstones found in Oregon have inclusions of copper. This unique happenstance means these gemstones may both display a schiller effect and transparency. This makes them highly desirable as faceted jewelry stones.

Intense red and transparent gems with schiller are in great demand. However, many color varieties occur in Oregon, with and without the glowing effect.