12.93 Carat Natural Rare Quality Fancy Apatite For Jewelry


SKUAB1 (42)
Dimensions (mm)14.000 x 13.500 x 9.500 mm
Weight (cts)12.930
TreatmentNo Treatment
ShapeFancy, Cushion


Apatite are rare, beautiful, blue gemstones from Brazil and Madagascar. Apatite is a hugely popular gemstone that comes in almost every shade of blue, from cool neon through to bright indigo and vivid royal blues.

Indigo Apatite and Madagascan Blue Apatite comes from deposits outside Fort Dauphin in Madagascar’s southern Tuléar Province that were discovered in 1995. Royal Blue Apatite comes from Água Branca in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil. The geological scarcity of Apatite’s top blues are accentuated by faceting difficulties.