16.10 Carat Aquamarine


Item Information

Dimensions (mm) 20.72 x 13.11 x 9.26mm
Weight (carats) 16.1 carats
Certified Gemstones
  • VVS
  • Faceted
  • Cushion
  • Fancy
  • Heat Treatment
Certificate Gem Lab
  • AIG


Aquamarine is the name used for gem-quality specimens of the mineral beryl within a color range of greenish blue to blue. The name is used regardless of a stone’s tone or saturation. So, aquamarines can range from a very light, almost imperceptible color to stones with a rich vibrant color.

Most aquamarine has a very light color, which can be almost unnoticeable in very small stones. Stones with a rich blue color are the most popular. They are also the rarest and most valuable.

The name aquamarine is derived from a combination of two Latin words: aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea – the color of the sea